Legal Menus

Schuster Law Group’s Legal Menus

I wish to welcome you to Schuster Law Group’s Legal Menus

Our legal menus are an innovative concept and is meant to present to you, the legal consumer, with a variety of options as to how to best meet your legal needs.
Our legal menus are as follows:

Menu A

Preparation of Legal Documents: Dissolution, Legal Separation or Nullity of Marriage or Domestic Partnership Actions.


Menu B

Court Appearances: This menu provides for the purchase of one, or multiple court appearances depending on...


Menu C

Case Evaluation and Strategy Session: Case Evaluation: $500.00 Up to a one-hour consultation with an attorney.


Menu D

Full retainer for unlimited access to attorney: Preparation of all legal documents and attorney representation at all...


Please review the respective menus for a detailed description of the services offered.
If you have any questions relative to the menu or wish to make an appointment with my office, you may contact us via email at or contact us by telephone at (562) 464-3764.