Special Needs Children

Special Needs Children and Family Law REAL

Divorce, separation and the end of a domestic relationship takes on a very different perspective when dealing with all that surrounds the scope of a special needs child.

Both parties must consider everything from custody, to the medical and psychological requirements, and even the diet of special needs children.

Sometimes, unfortunately, one parent does not comply with the plan put in place for the child.

Dealing with a Non-compliant Parent and the Family Law Court System

The special needs category includes parents of children with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities (SLD).

It also includes children with sensory, muscular and developmental challenges. Unfortunately, all these parents face all the same strains on a marital relationship that other parents do.

And yet they also face so many more.

Sometimes when the relationship ends, one parent is non-compliant as to the needs and requirements of a special needs child.

This is when you need a family law attorney who specializes in obtaining the orders needs to make sure your special needs child is receiving the proper care, medication, and diet.

In addition, the attorney will check that their psychological needs are being met properly.

The unique psychological component of their child’s developmental challenges distorts the traumas for these families in crisis.

Custody, Visitation, and Support Issues Regarding a Special Needs Child

Like other parents, when the “special needs” parents decide to terminate their marital or domestic relationship, the issues of custody take on whole new dimensions.

The baseline concepts for dealing with the issues of custodial rights and child support guidelines no longer fit the “special needs” implicit in this litigation.

When a special needs child is involved, there are complex issues which arise and which must rise above the parent’s anger, emotions, and anxiety, of the process.

The approach to dealing with the divorce of parents of “special needs” children often requires more than simple solutions, as these problems are generally extremely complex to understand and for attorneys to present.

Our Specialization

We here at the Law Office of Dennis M. Schuster specialize in addressing the needs of families with Special Needs Children and the Court.

Divorce is stressful, even under the most “ideal” situation.

However, when the parties have a special needs child, it is critical to make sure the parents are carefully considering all aspects of the present and future needs of the child.